How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner? – 10 Easy Steps

How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner?

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Lazy Boy is one of the finest quality recliner seats available out there. But that doesn’t mean they are invincible. Sometimes they get damaged and you should know how to fix a lazy boy recliner.

If you don’t know already, you shouldn’t worry about anything because we will show you how to fix your lazy boy recliner in no time! This whole article is divided into several steps that help to find and fix different problems that you may face with your Lazyboy recliner. 

So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner?

How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner

Here are a few ways to investigate the issue and apply some fixes to get rid of the problem once and forever. 

1. Check If the Chair Is Tilted Forward or Backward

The first thing that you need to do is to check whether the seat is tilted backward or forward. If it is tilted backward then you have to make sure that the backrest is not broken. You can also use this method to see if the backrest is broken or not.

If the backrest is broken, it might be difficult for you to sit down on the chair. In case the backrest is fine but the chair is tilted backward, then you need to check whether the seat belt is loose or not. If it is loose then you need to tighten it up. Otherwise, you need to replace the seat belt.

2. Make Sure the Backrest Is Level With the Seat

Once you have confirmed that the backrest is not tilted backward or forwards and that the seat belt is tight, then you can move on to checking the seat itself.

To do so, you need to tilt the seat slightly forward and backward. Then look at the backrest. If the backrest is not level with the seat, then you need to adjust it until both are perfectly aligned.

3. Check Whether the Armrests Are Broken

After the backrest and the seat, the next basic and the most important thing is the armrest of the seat. You would want to make sure there is nothing wrong with it too.

It is because it is responsible for holding your hands while you are resting in the seat. 

You can easily check if the armrests are broken by lifting them up and looking at the underside. If they are broken, then you need to replace them.

4. Clean the Area Around the Control Panel

A decent lazyboy recliner seat

Once you are done with the basics you need to move towards the control panel of the seat. At this stage, you don’t have to do anything super technical. Just open the control panel of your recliner seat and clean it thoroughly. 

There might be some dust depending upon the area you are living in. You need to use a light piece of cloth and maybe a blower or something. Make sure you do the whole cleaning process gently otherwise you may damage the controls. 

5. Replace the Screws on the Control Panel

Once you have cleaned the control panel there’s likely to be missing screws. Check out for each and every one. Trust me this may sound like the least important but it is actually very important. Once you have replaced all the screws, then you can rest assured that everything is working fine now.

6. Check the Wires for Damage

It is possible that your recliner wires are damaged. It is because sometimes due to heat or shifting them from here to there. Once the wires are damaged, it will disturb the whole circuitry which can have a lot of negative results. 

To check the wires for damage, you need to have a testing instrument such as a multimeter or something. This will make things super easy for you especially in the testing phase. All you need to do is to connect both of the prongs to the device.

Configure the device correctly and once configured, use the testing electrodes to check things out. Make sure you are wearing insulator gloves before working on electrical wires or circuitry. 

7. Check the Control Panel for Any Loose Connections

recliner seat warning

Once again, you have to check the control panel for a final checkup. This time you will need to find any loose jumpers or connection wires. It is because these can cause a lot of trouble and may sometimes result in fire. 

Make sure you have checked all the connections properly and if there are any loose ones, then you should fix them immediately. Loose wires and jumpers create sparks and kinks which can not only damage the whole machinery but also cause fire as already mentioned. 

8. Repair the Damaged Parts

If you notice that the part of the chair has been damaged, then you need to repair it right away. There are many ways to repair the damaged parts of the chair. Some people prefer using glue whereas others go for screws. Whatever method you choose, make sure you know what you are doing first. 

9. Test the Chair

Once you have repaired the damaged parts, it is time to test the chair. To do so, just sit down and try to relax. After sitting for a while, you will feel how comfortable the chair is. If you are satisfied with the way the chair feels, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you can always keep trying until you get a perfect feeling. 

Last Minute Thoughts

If you have made it this far, you may have learned How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner. However, if you still have some doubts on your mind then let us clarify things further for you. 

You need to start from the very basics and gradually move towards the advanced investigation process. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that the backrest and the seat are working fine. 

After that, you need to check whether the controls work well or not. You can either use the manual or an automatic button to see if they are working fine or not. 

Next, you need to check the wiring system. Do remember that the wiring system is one of the most important parts of the chair. If you find anything wrong with the wiring system, then you need to fix it immediately. 

Now, you need to check if the chair is safe or not. In other words, you need to make sure that it does not pose any danger to anyone who uses it. 

That’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article!