Why do I Sleep Better in a Recliner than a Bed

why do I sleep better in a recliner than bed?

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Have you ever wondered why do I sleep better in a recliner than a bed? If yes, then you are exactly in the right place because in this article we have mentioned all the facts that make recliner seats a better option for sleeping than a bed.

So without any further ado, let’s see why recliner seats provide a much better sleeping experience than a bed in some situations.

Benefits of a Recliner Seat as Compared to Bed

Recliner seats are special seats that come equipped with tons of functions. You can adjust them in so many ways according to your taste.

For example, you have the freedom to position yourself at any angle you want in a recliner chair. You can also back off and lean back for a relaxing feeling and then push yourself forward again when you start feeling sleepier.

That is not all; some other options make recliner seats even more comfortable than beds. Some of those features include

Lumbar Support

This feature makes sure that your lower back gets a lot of support while sitting on the seat, improving blood circulation and reducing pain.

Pillow Armrests

Most recliner seats have adjustable armrests which let you move them into various positions to achieve maximum comfort.

Multi-function controls

Here is where you can find buttons and levers that are used to adjust the reclining positions of the chair. These functions make your sitting experience easier while relaxing in a comfortable position.


A good recliner will have a headrest which further improves the ability to lean back by giving proper support when leaning against it. Some chairs also come with features like memory foam padding, a lumbar pillow, and side pockets for convenience.

Rocking Feature

Another thing that makes a recliner seat better than a bed is its rocking functionality. When you push down gently on the armrests, the chair moves forward and backward.

Some models can rock forward and backward at different rates while other more advanced ones come with two motors which allow the footrest to move in a rocking motion in addition to its adjustable reclining function.

Built-in Massage and Vibration  Feature

The next thing that allows the recliner seat to provide a better sleeping environment than an ordinary bed is its massage and vibration functions.

The only thing you need to do is increase the intensity of both motors and let yourself be pampered with a relaxing massage while your body gets used to the gentle rocking motion.

If that’s not enough, some models come with vibrating pads that you can use for relief from muscle pain or stress right after a long day at work.

Another plus for recliners is their ability to reduce snoring because they are equipped with headrests. It forces the sleeper into an upright position preventing them from lying down on their back. 

For this reason, many doctors recommend them for pregnant women who find it hard to sleep at night as well.

Recliner Helps With Circulation

Gone are the days when you have to sit straight up with your body locked in place for hours on end.  

That’s because reclining chairs were created especially for people who need to sleep while lying down but can’t due to health issues caused by circulation problems.

Recliners, just like beds, allow the user to lie on their back or side in whichever position feels best at any given time. That way they don’t have to worry about holding a certain pose and getting stiff in the process.

A lot of models also come equipped with leg rests that elevate the legs slightly from the floor which reduces swelling so that blood flows freely throughout the body. 

It results in boosting its metabolism and fighting off disease-causing agents like radicals and free radicals.

Most recliners are upholstered in a breathable material that keeps the skin dry, preventing heat build-up and preventing body odor.

Special fabrics like leather, suede, or microfibre all work well for this purpose as they keep you cool while providing adequate support. It’s also worth noting some can be easily removed if you need to do laundry.

Even though not all models allow full adjustment, it is easy to find one that has a headrest and a footrest attached so you can get the best angle possible without having to lift yourself at all.

Getting into these recliners is usually very easy since most have been specially designed with that objective in mind.

Can sleep in a recliner cause blood clots?

Sleeping in a recliner is not something that is going to cause blood clots, but you may be exposed to some other risks if you do it too much.

It is not clear if people are more likely to have a problem with deep vein thrombosis when they sit in a recliner. But people who have swelling are indeed more likely to develop this problem.

There are many reasons why your ankles could swell including pregnancy or fluid retention caused by medication or another underlying condition. People who have experienced blood clots before may be more susceptible as well.

As we get older, our bones get weaker and it’s possible to have blood clots. If you fall into one of these categories, it is a good idea to stand up and take a short walk during commercial breaks.

The statistics are alarming; about 130,000 people die from the condition each year in the United States alone. If you’re experiencing swelling, redness, or tingling sensation in one of your extremities, it’s important to see your physician as soon as possible.


Why do I sleep better in a recliner than a bed? It is simply because a bed allows you to sleep only while keeping your body flat. However, on the other hand, a recliner seat will let you sleep easily in an upright position.

Moreover, the recliner seat comes with extra features such as an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, vibration and massage, footrest, etc. These features increase the usefulness of the seat when it comes to sleeping in a recliner seat.

Such features are not available on beds that’s why recliner seats provide a better sleeping experience as compared to bed. It is also quite helpful for older people as well as pregnant women.