How to fix Recliner Mechanism in Minutes – Spring,Handle,Cable

How to fix Recliner Mechanism in Minutes

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You are probably here because your recliner is out of order. Maybe, there is some fault in its mechanism. Well, we understand that your recliner is your ultimate comforter after a long day at work. For most people, it is literally their go-to stop when they get home after work or a day out.

For a chunk of others, the recliner is a guardian for their me-time. That is completely justified; it is your recliner that comforts and relaxes you. Are you missing that cozy comfort? We bet you are sad because you think you cannot fix that. Well, this is not the case anymore. Let us tell you that fixing a recliner by yourself is a piece of cake. This article would assist and guide you on how to fix the recliner mechanism within minutes. Roll on your sleeves and get on with the repair. After all, it is your comfort that is at stake.

Before going on to fix the recliner, please remember that you need to be aware that you have to first diagnose the problem. Like what parts or reasons are causing the problem. Therefore, you can fix the relevant components of the reclining chair. Let us now discuss potential components where the problem might arise and how you can fix that.

Pro Tip: Before we start fixing the recliner mechanism, we have a pro tip for you. Make sure that the parts you get are according to the model or manufacturer number of your recliner. Make a choice accordingly. If you cannot find the apt parts, you can go for a universal piece. On the other hand, you can take your recliner to a dealer or shop; you get the components accordingly.

Fixing the Recliner Chair Springs

As you relax back on your recliner, the comfort you feel is unprecedented. You might think that it the foam that comforts. However, that bouncy comfort is actually powered by the chair springs. They are the real but unsung heroes. These heroes can get weak or at fault after some time. That causes the whole spring recliner mechanism to fail. However, the good news is that you can fix this problem in minutes. Let us teach you some key steps to fix the springs.

You Need: Adjustable wrench and a new set of recliner springs


  1. Turn the recliner chair upside down. Springs are adhered and fixed to the mechanism through four essential bolts. If you cannot trace them, use a torch. You need to remove these bolts using an adjustable wrench.

  2. After this, the springs are good to be removed. Right now, the springs are facing upward.

  3. You would notice certain bolts holding the springs for the footrest. You need to remove that as well.

  4. Now, get your new set of recliner springs and place them under the footrest.

  5. Next, put the bolts on. Make sure they are tightly closed.

That is it. Your recliner is back in its optimal state. Never get second-hand or used springs for your recliner. They can cause damage and can wear out fast.

Fixing the Recliner Pull Handle

A recliner pull is an integral part of a recliner chair. After all, your recliner chair cannot be operated without a proper pull handle. The back and the footrest stay in the desired position just because of the recliner pull handle.

You can fix this as well within minutes, that too without assistance. Let us how.

You Need a Screwdriver and a new recliner pull handle.


  1. First, make sure that the footrest of the recliner is closed and the back seat is upright.

  2. Next, you have to flip the recliner in a way that the armrest and headrest touch the ground.

  3. You would notice a screw holding on to the pull handle through the side panel.

  4. Remove the pull handle screw using a screwdriver.

  5. Now, the pull handle is free to detach through the escutcheon.

  6. Get the new recliner pull handle and place it through the panel.

  7. Place it and tight it with the screw.

There you have it, your recliner to all set for you to have a good rest.

Fixing the Recliner Cable


Irregular or impromptu recliner moments often come because of a fault in the cables. These cables are core to the recliner mechanism. Before this problem elevates, you have to fix this. All it would take is a few minutes.

You Need: New Set of recliner cables and screwdriver


  1. First, you need to loosen the cable stop in your recliner.

  2. Now, you can try to pull the cable and, afterward and tighten the cable stop.

  3. Next, you have to make sure that the cable stop is held against the piston bracket.

Now, if the issue is resolved, you are good to go. If you not, follow the next steps.

  1. If the issue pertains, flip your recliner chair upside down.

  2. Check on the backward recliner mechanism and locate the four bolts.

  3. Unscrew the bolts using a screwdriver.

  4. Look for the cable squab. You need to get the cable squab out to reach the cables.

  5. Once the squab is removed using a screwdriver, reach the cables.

  6. Now, get your new set of recliner cables and replace the old ones.


These were the most common recline mechanism issues faced by users. However, there can be other issues as well. Such as a fault in the recliner’s back, footrest, or maybe the reclining contrivance is stuck. You can fix these issues within minutes as well by replacing the old components. In addition, regular maintenance is crucial as well. Lubricating the mechanism can work wonders as well. However, the best thing is to get quality replacement components. Low-grade quality parts can decrease the overall performance and relaxation of a recliner. You have spent great money on your recliner chair. Do not allow the low-grade parts to degrade the recliner. Only trust genuine parts. A good thing would be to consult a good dealer or expert in this regard.