Top 6 Best Osaki Massage Chairs [Updated list in 2024]

Best osaki massage chairs

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Looking for the best Osaki massage chairs? don’t know where to start and what to look for when selecting the right massage chair f your needs? If that’s what you are already looking for then you have landed in the right place. 

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the top-rated Osaki massage chairs available in the market today. We will also compare them against each other so that you can make a smart decision on which one is best suited for you.

If you want to get started with an Osaki massage chair, you should first decide if it is going to be used as a standalone massager or whether it will be used along with another type of massage device such as a table-top massage bed.

The latter option is more common because most people find it easier to use a table-top massage system than to operate a stand-alone massage chair. First of all, let’s take a closer look at our list of the best Osaki massage chairs and see which one is best for your needs. 

After that, we will dive into the buyer’s guide section which will help you select the right Osaki massage chair for your needs without wasting too much time. Follow our Osaki massage chair review article.

Best Osaki Massage Chairs

1. Osaki OS4000TB Model Review

Osaki OS4000TB Model OS-4000T

The first option on our list of the best Osaki massage chairs is the Osaki OS4000TB model from Osaki. This is a 4-in-1 massage chair that offers both traditional massage and deep tissue massage. It has four different modes: standard, deep tissue, sports recovery, and relaxation.

The seat height can be adjusted between 30 inches and 42 inches. The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds. This massage chair comes with a 1-year warranty which means that it is covered by a manufacturer’s defect guarantee.

It is made of high-quality materials and it is easy to assemble. It is very comfortable to sit on and its design makes it suitable for any room. You can easily adjust the headrest angle and tilt the backrest.

The chair comes with a remote control so you do not need to touch the controls while using it. It is equipped with two USB ports and three AC outlets. The thing that makes it different and effective from the rest of the market is its 5-level speed control system. It allows you to set the seat according to your needs and desires. 

Moreover, this chair features 8 pre-set programs that provide excellent ease of use. These include:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Recovery
  • Relaxation
  • Standard
  • Hot Stone
  • Swedish
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality design
  • reliable for prolonged usage
  • Excellent choice for small homes
  • Premium leather makes the seat durable
  • A bit expensive

Final Verdict

There are so many things that make this seat one of the best Osaki massage chairs right now on the market. Although the cost of this seat is a bit high as compared to alternative options still it provides an ultimate value to its users which makes it a decent choice for a wide range of people. 

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2. Osaki OS-Pro SOHO B 4D S-Track Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-Pro SOHO B 4D S-Track Massage Chair with Switchable Footrest,

Coming up next on our list of the best massage chairs is the Osaki OS-Pro Soho B 4D S-track massage chair. This is a 4D massage chair that provides various types of massage including Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology. 

Speaking of the design, this seat features by far the best shape that will make you fall in love with it. The manufacturer has done a splendid job by adding high-quality durable wood in different areas of the seat.

This not only gives a decent look but at the same time makes the seat ultra-comfortable to the next level. The seat height can be adjusted from 34 inches to 40 inches. Its maximum weight capacity is 400 pounds. This massage chair also comes with a 2-year warranty.

As mentioned above, it includes a remote control so you can easily adjust the settings when needed. There are 6 pre-defined programs included in the package that allows you to choose the type of massage you want. 

Moreover, the seat is wide open which makes it super comfortable for people of all body types. In addition to this, the footrest has an embedded foot scan which helps you find out if there is any problem with your feet.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Great value for money
  • Smooth operation
  • Not as powerful as other models

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of 4D massage and different features then this seat is something you should try. Apart from the beautiful and durable design. it helps the user to fully relax and provides a soothing experience to different types of muscles. Moreover, the seat is capable of withstanding up to 400 lbs of weight which is another feature that is present in only high-quality chairs only. 

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 3. Osaki OS3DPROCYBERA Model OS-3D Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Our third recommendation on the list of the best massage chair is the Osaki OS3DPRO CYBERZA model. This is a 3D massage chair that offers both classic massage and deep tissue massage along with vibration therapy. It has five different modes that allow you to select one or more than one mode.

There are four levels of vibration intensity that help you relax faster. Moreover, the seat height can be adjusted to fit your preferences. The maximum weight capacity of this massage chair is 350 pounds. 

The manufacturer has designed this massage chair with the utmost care and attention. Therefore, it is extremely durable and reliable. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

Talking about the comfort factor, the seat is very spacious and wide enough to accommodate most people’s body sizes. It is made of premium quality material that ensures durability. Furthermore, the footrest is adjustable to suit your needs.

In addition to this, the backrest is well padded and soft to ensure maximum relaxation. The headrest has an extra cushion which will make you feel relaxed and forget about everything while relaxing. Apart from that, the seat possesses a built-in heating system that keeps you warm on cold days.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable headrest
  • Extra padding on the backrest
  • Built-in heaters
  • Vibration therapy
  • The controls take a while to get used to

Final Verdict

The Osaki OS3DPROCYBERA is one of the finest choices for people who are looking for a seat with extra padding on the backrest. Besides that, the chair features an adjustable headrest which is an amazing thing for people with short necks.

You can easily put your head on it and relax for hours without feeling uncomfortable even for a second. To be honest the control of the seat takes a bit to understand and get used to. Besides that, there is nothing to complain about. 

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4. Osaki OS-4000XT B Massage Chair with LED Light Control Review

Osaki OS-4000XT B Massage Chair with LED Light Control

The OS-4000XT B is an advanced variant of its predecessor of the OS-4000TB model that comes with even more features and a much better design. As such, we have decided to include it in our list of the best Osaki massage chairs.

It is powered by a powerful motor that delivers long-lasting performance when it comes to massage and vibration. The manufacturer claims that it provides a superior massage experience compared to other products available in the market.

This massage chair is equipped with a 5-level vibration setting that allows you to customize your massage according to your preference. You can use these settings to target specific areas of your body. Moreover, the seat is fully adjustable to fit your size and shape.

Furthermore, the massage chair is ergonomically designed to provide optimum comfort. The backrest is easy to adjust so that you can position it according to your needs. Apart from this, the seat is well-cushioned to ensure a much better performance. 

The 2 steps zero gravity mode is something that sets the seat apart from the rest of its competitors on the market. There are so many things to talk about but we won’t tell you everything because we want to leave them for you to explore. 

Pros & Cons

  • 5-level vibration control
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable headrest and footrest
  • 2 step zero gravity mode
  • Noisy during operation

Final Verdict

This Osaki massage chair provides amazing results to its users due to the best quality motor that the seat possesses. However, that’s not the only thing because the chair also features a great design that makes it look really cool. Apart from that, the seat features 2 steps zero gravity mode which adds an extra layer of comfort while using it

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5. OSAKI OS-Pinnacle Zero Gravity Review

OSAKI OS-Pinnacle Zero Gravity

If you’re looking for a massage chair that offers excellent value for money then the OSAKI OS-pinnacle zero gravity is what you need. It is a very affordable massage chair that comes with all the features needed to offer top-notch service.

As far as the design goes, the product looks sleek and modern. Its frame is made out of metal and has a contemporary style. This means that the chair will blend nicely into any room. It is also quite lightweight and portable making it easier to move around.

Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that the chair is equipped with a 3-year warranty. If anything happens to the unit within that time period, you’ll receive free repairs or replacements.

As mentioned earlier, the massage chair comes with a 7-inch touch screen display that displays all the important information regarding the product. In addition, there is a timer that lets you set the desired duration for each session.

You can easily access the controls through the touchscreen interface. There is no remote control included in the package. Instead, you will be provided with a remote control that works via Bluetooth technology.

There are two different modes of operation: normal and zero gravity. In the normal mode, the chair will vibrate at low intensity. On the other hand, when you choose the zero gravity mode, the vibrations will increase significantly. This is done to help relax your muscles and ease away stress.

In terms of massage techniques, the chair uses both kneading and tapping motions. These are used to stimulate blood circulation and promote relaxation.

Moreover, the chair is equipped with 4 massage programs that include a neck program, a shoulder program, a lower back program, and a leg program. Each one of these programs targets specific areas of the body to achieve maximum relaxation.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent built quality
  • Affordable price
  • 3-year warranty
  • Touchscreen display
  • The heating of the seat is not as good as the other options on the list

Final Verdict

The OSAKI OS- pinnace zero gravity massage chair is a good choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly massage chair that won’t disappoint you. It is easy to use and comes with many useful features.

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6. Osaki OSJPPROPREMIUM4SA Model Osaki-JP Premium Review

Osaki OSJPPROPREMIUM4SA Model Osaki-JP Premium

This Osaki massage chair is designed to provide ultimate comfort to its users. The chair itself is extremely comfortable thanks to the premium materials used in the construction process. Apart from that, this massage chair is also equipped with a 5-step vibration system that helps relieve tension and muscle pain.

It is available in three different colors including black, white, and red. You can choose between a standard model and an extended version depending on how much space you have available in your home.

The chair’s height adjusts from 32 inches to 42 inches. This makes it suitable for people who weigh up to 200 pounds. Apart from being very comfortable, the chair is also durable. It is covered by a 2-year warranty.

The massage chair is equipped with wireless remote control. This allows you to adjust the settings without having to get up off your couch. Moreover, the remote can operate the chair even while it is charging.

The massage chair comes with a variety of massage techniques. These include kneading, rolling, tapping, and oscillating movements. To ensure that you receive the best massage possible, the chair has been equipped with a sensor that detects pressure points.

The chair is also equipped with 3 massage programs that target different parts of the body. These include the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet.

Pros & Cons

  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • 5-step vibration system
  • Comes with a remote control
  • The base doesn’t come with wheels

Final Verdict

If you want a massage chair that provides excellent value for money, then consider getting the Osaki JP premium massage chair. It is highly recommended for those who don’t mind spending less but still want something that offers great comfort and convenience.

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How to Select the Best Osaki Massage Chairs?

Now that you’ve already seen some of the best options on our list, we know this might still not be enough to satisfy you. You might still be looking for the best Osaki Massage Chair.

In that case, we recommend that you read through our buyer’s guide below. It will give you a better idea about how to choose the best Osaki massage chair for yourself.

First off, you need to consider the features that matter the most when buying a massage chair. These include:


You should always keep in mind your budget before making any purchase. This way, you won’t end up spending more than you planned. Budget is one of the key factors that can either make things or break them. 

Although without any doubt most the massage chairs are expensive and cost a fortune. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a good quality massage chair in a budget range at all. Of course with a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find something within your budget that will offer you a great 


This refers to the ease of moving the massage chair from one location to another. For example, would you prefer to move your massage chair by hand or do you prefer using a wheeled cart? Even though you will not be moving the chair often around but it is still much better to have a chair that is portable enough to be easily moved around. 

Moreover, you should also think about how heavy the chair is. If you plan to move it frequently then you should opt for a lighter model. Otherwise, if you don’t intend to move the chair very often then you can go ahead with heavier models.

Massage Features

When choosing a massage chair, you should pay attention to its massage features. The main thing here is to ensure that you get a chair that offers you a wide variety of massage techniques so that you can enjoy various types of massages. 

The other important feature to check is whether the chair has an adjustable headrest. Some people prefer having a fixed headrest while others like to adjust their headrests according to their comfort level. So, if you’re someone who likes to change the position of his/her headrest then you should definitely look for a chair that comes with an adjustable headrest. 

Comfort Level

The next factor to consider is the comfort level of the massage chair. There are different levels of comfort available in the market today. From soft cushions to firm ones, there are many choices available. When selecting a massage chair, you need to take into consideration what kind of comfort level you want. 

If you’re planning to use the massage chair every day then you should opt for the softer cushion option. On the other hand, if you just want to relax after work then you can go for a firmer cushion. But remember that even the firmer cushion option is not too hard.


Another important aspect to consider is the design of the massage chair. While purchasing a massage chair, you may wonder why certain designs are popular among consumers. Well, there are several reasons behind this. For instance, some people love the modern style of massage chairs while others prefer the traditional-looking ones. 

Also, when buying a massage chair, you must consider the size of the room where you’re going to place the massage chair. If you have a small living space, then you should choose a smaller sized massage chair. This way, you won’t feel cramped in your home. Moreover, you can also keep the massage chair away from the walls and furniture as well


Last but not least, durability is yet another important factor to consider when looking for a massage chair. You need to make sure that the massage chair will last long. 

It’s true that they are quite expensive but you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of materials used in making them. 

In fact, most manufacturers offer warranties for their products which means that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong with your massage chair. 

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We hope after making it this far, you will have decided on the right massage chair for your needs. However, it is possible that you might still not be able to select the best Osaki massage chair. It is because you might be confused after seeing so many different options. 

We know and totally understand this because for a beginner this may be a very cumbersome task. However, you shouldn’t worry because you are completely covered. In the above article, we explained what are some of the main factors that you need to keep in mind while making a decision.

Apart from that, we’ve listed 6 of the best Osaki massage chairs that we’ve tested and compared with their counterparts on the market. We tried more than our best to make it as easy for you as possible. If you are still not able to decide which one to go for then let us help you further. 

According to our research, the  Osaki OS4000TB is the best choice for all kinds of rooms. It is because the seat features a high-quality design and reliable construction. It is durable enough which makes it long-lasting and thus it can easily survive for years without any issue at all. 

5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)

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