Best High End Recliners (Tested in 2024)

Best High End Recliners

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Selecting the best high end recliners can be a difficult task. It is because there are so many different products available on the market that makes it difficult to choose the right one for you and your family.

There are several things to consider when looking at high end recliners, such as comfort, durability, price, style, and more. These factors will help you decide which model of high end recliner would work best for your home.

If you are a beginner then you should not worry at all because we’ve already got you covered with our detailed guide. We have listed down some of the most popular models in this category so that you know what to look out for before making any purchase.

We hope that after reading through our list, you’ll be able to find the perfect high end recliner for your needs.

Best High End Recliners in 2024

1. RecPro Charles Collection

RecPro Charles Collection

Starting our list of the best high-end recliners with one of the best-selling furniture brands on the market today. The RecPro Charles Collection has been around since its inception back in 1994 and has become quite popular over time. This chair came into being due to the need of customers who were looking for an affordable recliner but wanted something that was both comfortable and durable.

This piece includes features like power lumbar support and plush padding. If these two pieces do not sound appealing to you then how about automatic reclining function or memory settings? Or maybe even the ability to swivel to face wherever you’re sitting?

All these options make up some of the features found in the RecPro Charles collection which makes it worthy of being considered one of the best high-end chairs on the market today. The good thing about the RecPro Charles is that it comes with a warranty of 5 years against manufacturing defects and 1 year against normal wear and tear.

So if anything goes wrong within those given periods, just let us know and we’ll sort you out. The problem with this chair though is that it does tend to break easily if you’re using it often. You could also expect an average delivery time of 20 business days.

Pros & Cons

  • durable design
  • high-quality leather build structure
  • squishy and comfy seat
  • easy to assemble
  • last longer
  • a bit heavy and cumbersome to move around

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2. Fjords Hjellegjerde Reclining Chair

Fjords Hjellegjerde Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair

The next option on our list of the best high end recliners is the Fjord’s Hjellegjerdes reclining armchair range. This brand offers a wide variety of recliners that suit most homes and lifestyles. The Hjellegjerds offer a choice between traditional leather seating or fabric seating options.

Each product is offered with an easy assembly process and comes with a 3-year guarantee for manufacturers’ defects. When it comes to choosing the best leather recliner, this product definitely deserves its spot on our list.

The solid frame and soft leather construction mean that this is ideal for people who want a long-lasting, quality piece of furniture. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t want to enjoy it when you do get the chance, the flexible foam cushion will ensure comfort regardless of where you are.

The thing that makes it one of our favorite products on the list is the extra piece of furniture that comes with the seat i.e. the ottoman. It allows you to place your feet and fully relax while you are sitting in the seat. This will take away all of your tiredness and will make you feel fresh and forget about all of your pains.

Besides that, there is another thing that makes it one of the best quality seats available on the market. it is the chair’s superb design. It allows the chair to blend easily with the current setup of the home, making it an integral part of the setup. This gives a splendid look to your bedroom, drawing room, or anywhere you want to place it.

Pros & Cons

  • flexible cushions
  • long-lasting
  • easy setup
  • soft feel
  • consistent quality
  • Not suitable for very heavy people as the seat is kind of small

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3. Positive Posture Café Zero Gravity Powered Recliner

Positive Posture Café Zero Gravity Powered Recliner

Next up, we have the positive posture cafe zero-powered recliner on our list that will amaze you with its beautiful design and splendid features. There are a few things that make it the right product for this list. The first and the most fundamental thing is the fact that it has a power-coil mechanism that ensures maximum support without any unnecessary pressure on the spine.

These mechanisms are designed to keep muscles relaxed and healthy. They would do wonders for anyone who regularly sits in front of a computer for hours before settling down to sleep. In fact, they would work even better than regular exercise machines because they use less energy and cause less stress on the body.

It might seem like the price tag is a little too steep but when you consider how powerful it is and how well it will help your health, then it seems worth every penny. So what else makes it special? well, the intelligent structure of the seat plays a vital role in keeping it sturdy and makes it last for a longer period.

Besides that, this seat is suitable for the needs of everyone in the family. Not only it is safe for those who are pregnant but also for older people, and kids. However, one thing that we noticed during our research was that the seat is not suitable for taller people. Besides that, it takes quite some time to assemble it but other than that, everything seems to be fine.

If you decide to go through the hassle of assembling it yourself, then it is recommended that you don’t try to put the seat together by yourself. Instead, ask someone who knows more about it to come over to assist you. As mentioned earlier, the seat does require some effort to get into shape so it helps if you can enlist the help of others.

Pros & Cons

  • power coil mechanism
  • sturdy base
  • intelligent design
  • suitable for many types of users
  • consistent quality
  • the ability to adjust the backrest height
  • good value for money
  • comes with a standard warranty
  • heavyweight
  • not suitable for heavier individuals

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4. Human Touch Perfect Chair

Human Touch Perfect Chair

Human touch also makes some of the best high end recliners that have gained so much attention on the market. The best thing about their seats is that they are very stylish and beautiful in design. But besides that, they are extremely comfortable and easy to sit in.

If you are looking for something that looks elegant while providing comfort all at once, these chairs are definitely the type you have been searching for. The first thing that stands out is the amazing fabric used to give them such a great appearance.

Apart from being soft, it is durable at the same time which is probably the reason why they have become so popular among consumers. Another important thing is the way the seating comes with a wooden frame, and that helps it to stand against moisture and dust effectively.

Apart from all that, it has a memory foam cushion which gives a lot of comfort and support. Each part of the seat is coated with Cognac Premium Leather which is not only durable but also quite comfy.

Although the seat does not comes with futuristic machinery parts such as motors and heaters. One might think it is not that useful and even during our research, we neglected its usefulness. However, after a short survey of the market, we were forced to accept its amazing features.


  • beautiful appearance
  • durable
  • comfortable
  • can be used on various surfaces


  • No mechanical parts included
  • lacks massage and vibration features

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5. Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair of Dual-core S Track Recliner

During our study on the best high-end recliners, we found the real relax 2022 massage chair. It is not necessarily a recliner seat. But in fact, it is something different that is worth paying every single penny for. The seat features state-of-the-art technology, making it one of the bests in the market today.

There are different reasons why we have included this particular seat in our list of recommendations. The first and the most important thing is the high-quality structure of the chair which makes it stand out from the crowd. It allows the chair to be durable and last long years despite rough and tough usage.

In addition to this, the seat also features excellent quality and reliable covers that do not wear off with use. However, one thing that you must keep in mind is that the cover of the seat is a bit hard to clean. Therefore, you must be very careful and make sure to put kids and pets away from it.

Besides that, the chair features an interactive tablet that makes it extremely easy to use for everyone. You can control every single feature of the device right from the screen. In case your children want more entertainment, you simply need to turn on the Bluetooth speaker and they will be entertained instantly!

Overall, the seat is extremely versatile since it is equipped with many features. With all those characteristics, it should not come as a surprise if you find yourself buying it.

Pros & Cons

  • very comfortable
  • high-quality material
  • durable
  • reliable
  • interactive
  • multiple functions
  • Quite heavy and difficult to move around

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6. kelei Massage Recliner Chair Power Lift Sofa Recliner Chair

kelei Massage Recliner Chair Power Lift Sofa Recliner Chair

Kelei massage recliner is another amazing product that you can consider if looking for the best high end recliner seat. We have selected this seat due to several reasons. The first and the most important thing that we’ve noticed about this seat is the durable construction.

We found that this particular seat consists of a highly durable metal frame along with wooden touch that makes it withstand almost every kind of environment. Besides that, it is covered with premium quality leather that makes it ahead of its competitors on the market.

This enables the seat to provide ultimate and long-lasting comfort for an extended period of time. However, the durability of the seat is not the only factor which we have chosen it for you. There are surely a lot more reasons which we are going to discuss one by one.

The next characteristic that we noticed while evaluating the seat is the unique design of the seat. This unique design of the seat is what is responsible for giving it such an elegant look. While it looks really cool, it still remains functional and ergonomic.

What I mean by that is that this particular seat does not get stuck while moving or standing up. Instead, it moves smoothly thanks to the advanced mechanism installed inside the seat. Moreover, there are no issues concerning the heating system and temperature distribution. Overall, the seat performs flawlessly when seated and lying down.

Another great thing about this seat is that it comes with multiple safety features. These safety features include head protection and back support. Additionally, the seat is equipped with adjustable arm supports so you can adjust them to fit your needs.

The padding on the seat also feels soft and comfortable. This is an excellent choice for people who enjoy spending time in their yard or garden. It is a safe option that provides great comfort and support.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent finishing
  • the relaxing design provides more comfort to the user
  • Well-cushioned backrest and the seat
  • extremely durable and easy to assemble
  • Not suitable for tall people

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Best High End Recliner Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for the best high end recliner, you must consider a few factors. These factors include the materials used to construct the seat, the price, and the quality. Apart from that, there are some other factors that will help you in picking the best product available on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these points and see what do you need to keep in mind before selecting the best high end recliners for your needs. 

1. Comfort is key

When it comes to high-end recliners, comfort is key. You want to make sure that the chair is comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. If the recliner is too uncomfortable, you will likely not be able to use it for long periods of time.

The dimensions of the chair should be at least as long as your height and width. The chair should also be comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time.

2) Materials Used:

The first thing that you should check out is the material used to make the seat. If you want something durable, then you can go for leather or fabric. However, if you prefer something more comfortable, then you can opt for foam. It is recommended that you choose a material that suits your preferences. Apart from that, when it comes to the material you should not only focus on the coating of the seat which is usually leather or faux leather. 

But we highly recommend keeping your eyes on the overall build structure of the seat. This means you will need to keep the frame of the chair into consideration too. Speaking of the seat’s frame and structure, there are mostly metallic seats. 

The best thing about the metallic seat is that they are highly durable and safe from damage due to water. However, the major issue is that they are usually heavier which makes them difficult to move around on your own. 

3) Adaptability

When it comes to comfort level, there are two things that matter most. The first one is the backrest angle. This refers to how much recline the chair has. You can either have a flat backrest or an angled backrest.

Flat backrests provide greater support but they are not as comfy as angled ones. On the other hand, angled backrests offer better lumbar support than flat ones.

The second factor in terms of comfort levels is the armrests. They come in various designs including metal and wood. Metal armrests usually offer great grip while wooden ones are comfortable to sit on. Overall, the chairs with padded seats will be the comfiest ones since people tend to sit longer on them.

4) Adjustable Features:

When it comes to adjustable features, you need to look into whether or not the chair offers height adjustment. Usually, high-end chairs come with this feature. With height adjustments, you get to customize the distance between your thighs and the rest of the furniture. So, when choosing a model, you should also ensure that it gives you this option.

5) Seat Height:

Another important aspect that you should consider is seat height. Most high-end chairs are designed with low seat heights so that users don’t feel like their feet are getting stuck under the sofa when sitting down.

Most manufacturers use 5 inches as the standard seat height. But, there are models that offer higher seating. In fact, some even offer 8 inches worth of seat height. Depending on your preference, you should find one that matches your needs.

6) Price Range:

You need to make sure that the seat cost only reflects its true value. Many companies are known to overcharge you since many people think that buying expensive products means that they will get better results.

Also, many cheap products lack quality which may result in poor performance. Thus, you need to spend time comparing prices and checking whether or not the product meets your expectations.

7) Functionality:

Lastly, you should assess the functionality of the product. Do not just focus on looks alone. Ensure that the product works properly. Some models work fine but others fail miserably. Therefore, take time to check all aspects of the product to know the real performance.

Functionality is one of the main features that differentiate one chair from the other one. A lot of times, people do not realize that the functionality of the chair does matter. When looking at different models, you should determine what functionality each one of them provides. 

8) Massage and Vibration 

These days, many people are seeking a massage chair. Due to the increased demand, manufacturers started coming up with innovative designs. If you want a massager to relax your body, then you should choose one that offers vibrating functions too.

The vibration helps in relieving muscle cramps and stiffness. However, if you are using the chair for relaxation purposes, you need to avoid this feature.

9) Warranty:

One last thing that you ought to consider is the warranty. There are people who seek out warranties because they want to enjoy their new purchase without worrying about anything. It is advisable to buy a chair with an extended warranty. This way, you can always enjoy the benefits of the warranty.

10) Design:

Regardless of how much money you have spent, every brand has a unique design. You need to pick the type of design that best suits you and your home environment. Choose something that best complements your house interior. Avoid putting pressure on yourself by making a wrong choice.

Final Words

We hope that after making it this far, you will have selected the best recliner seat for your needs. However, sometimes you might still be struggling with making the right choice. Under such conditions, you don’t need to worry about anything at all because we will guide you further. 

As we already mentioned we’ve done all the research. Thus during our study, we noticed that the Human touch is one of the highest-end recliner seats. It will make your life more comfortable and will let you enjoy every single moment you spend in it. 

Moreover, the seat looks amazing and easily blends in with the existing theme of the room which makes it pretty much uniform and unique. Besides that, if you are looking for a reliable seat that comes in a good price range then we highly recommend going for the last option on our list. Apart from that, we’ve also included a specific massage chair on our list if that’s what you were looking for. 

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5/5 (1 Review)

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